AlertLine Icon The AlertLine service is a telephone information line that is updated by computer with the latest alert message information. As new alerts occur, an automated system immediately records a brief message to make available to callers. The service is free to use and is available 24/7. Its an excellent way for people who do not have a computer or mobile device, or who are not near one, to get important alert information.

Unlike our website which can handle thousands of simultaneous users, the AlertLine service is limited to the number of phone lines available, and you may receive a busy signal when call volumes are high. If this happens, please wait and try again. Also if you notice that the computerized recording system has mis-pronounced a word, let us know so that we can train the system to pronounce the word properly in the future.

Please remember 911 should be used to request emergency assistance, report a crime in progress, report a fire, or to call for medical assistance. It should not be used to obtain information about an emergency, that is what the AlertLine service is designed to provide.

Sarnia-Lambton AlertLine

For information on alerts that affect the entire Sarnia-Lambton area, call   519-704-5004

AlertLine Commands

Telephone Keypad
Press 0 at any time to hear the AlertLine Help message
Press 1 to go back and listen to the previous message
Press 2 to go forward and listen to the next message
Press 9 to end your call

Contact our HelpDesk if you have any further questions about AlertLine