Help - New Users

Welcome to AlertSite. This website is designed to keep local residents informed about hazards and emergencies that affect the local area. This website features a current alerts listing, showing current alerts updated as events progress, as well as recent and archived alerts that users may have missed. There is also local weather information, and tips on emergency preparedness. AlertSite is your source for up to the minute emergency information in your community.

First Steps

New users should follow these steps to get started
  1. Using AlertSite

    This simple guide explains how AlertSite works
  2. Signup for Email Alerts

    Users should visit AlertSite regularily to keep up to date, and can also signup for email alerts
  3. Get Additional Help

    If a new user if having trouble with this website, additional help is available here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often is this site updated?
    This site is updated hourly and immediately after new alerts or changes are posted.
  • What should I do in an emergency?
    During an emergency, check this website frequently or tune to a local radio station for instructions and further details. Do not call 911 for information! 911 is for emergencies only and is not an information source. This site will provide the most current information available.
  • I'm having trouble getting email alerts.
    You should visit the AlertMail help pages first. Common problems are incorrect addresses, and spam blocking software intercepting alert messages.