Help - Alert Index Listing

The alert index listing displays a list of the current and most recent alerts along with each alert's summary information.

  1. Updated Value

    The updated value displays the most recent update time for this page. As new alerts are generated this value will change, providing current information to the user.
  2. Notice Box

    The notice box is used to announce important information. This could be an alert that has directed the public to take immediate action, such as a Shelter In Place, and will provide a link to further information. It can also be used for important notices and bulletins for users.
  3. New Alert Icon

    If you have not read an alert, the new alert icon is displayed beside the alert listing.
  4. Alert Summary

    The summary details for an alert message are shown here. A message can be an
    • Alert - the initial message
    • Update - additional information about the original message
    • Cancel - information about why the alert message is no longer in effect
    The first summary line also will show the Event type such as a Weather Watch and the time the new message was posted. The second line is the headline, which provides a quick summary of the alert message information.
  5. Level Indicators

    These icons indicate the message's importance level. There are 3 general levels
    • Info - messages which aren't of an important nature to most users, but provide useful information - Green Icon
    • Warning - messages providing users with important information - Yellow Icon
    • Alert - messages of a critical nature that affect all users - Red Icon
  6. Expired Messages

    Once an alert message is no longer active and applicable, it is considered expired. Expired messages will have a strike-through line to show this.