Help - Alert Information Page

Displays the detailed values and information regarding an alert.

  1. Updated Value

    The updated value displays the most recent date this alert was created or had additional information added to it.
  2. Type and Identifer

    Alert messages can be of the following types
    • Alert - the initial message
    • Update - additional information about the original message
    • Cancel - information about why the alert message is no longer in effect
    The identifier CA-ON-DEMO-1234 is a unique ID given to each alert message for tracking and display purposes.
  3. Status Icons

    These icons show the status of the alert message, in this case it is properly encrypted and is a public message.
  4. Notice Box

    The notice box is used to announce important information. This could be an alert that has directed the public to take immediate action, such as a Shelter In Place, and will provide a link to further information.
  5. Source and Time Values

    The From field displays the source/sender of the alert. The Sent field shows the date/time the message was sent and if there is an Expires field, when the alert message is no longer valid.
  6. Level and Status Values

    The status of this alert, either Active or Expired depends on if the alert has been cancelled, or its Expires time has been reached. Once expired, the alert is no longer valid and should not be acted upon. There are 3 general levels for alert messages
    • Info - messages which aren't of an important nature to most users, but provide useful information - Green
    • Warning - messages providing users with important information - Yellow
    • Alert - messages of a critical nature that affect all users - Red
  7. Alert Area

    If no area value is listed, then the message applies to all users of the alert system. Otherwise, specific areas that apply to this alert message will be shown with area maps. The + and - icons can expand/contract this field to make it easier to read.
  8. Related Alerts

    If other alert messages are related to the alert message you are viewing, they will be displayed here. The current message will be highlighted and the other messages can be viewed by clicking their hyperlinked identifier values. The Type of each message is listed such as an Update, and the color value corresponds to the level for that message. The + and - icons can expand/contract this field to make it easier to read.
  1. Info Blocks

    The Info Block is the part of an alert message that contains all of the alert's descriptive information. There can be more than 1 info block and in that case, special tabs will appear that allow you to switch between each info block and its information. Info blocks may also be in different languages, in this case English (en) and French (fr).
  2. Summary Values

    The Event and Headline fields provide a summary of the information contained in an info block.
  3. Descriptive Fields

    The following fields may appear and provide detailed information regarding this alert message and info block. The + and - icons can expand/contract each field to make it easier to read.
    • Description - describes the alert and its causes
    • Instruction - provides instructions for users to follow
    • Resources - supplemental information such as maps, pictures, and web links
    • Updated Values - if this message is an Update or Cancel, those values that have changed from the previous message are listed