TXT Messages

TXT Icon Text messages (TXT) are short (160 characters or less) messages sent to mobile phones using the Short Message Service (SMS). They are a very popular way of sending quick bits of information to people on the go . Wikipedia Entry You can receive TXT message alerts through the free AlertMail service. However due to the limitations on message size and other considerations there are some things to note:

  • You must signup for your AlertMail account with a regular email address that is capable of receiving full size messages, You can then add a secondary address that will receive TXT messages.
  • TXT messages are limited in size and there may be additional details that cannot fit in the message. When you receive a TXT message you should consider it a heads-up regarding an alert, and then read the full message sent via email or available through other means like the website.
  • Cell phones, PDAs, pagers, and other mobile devices are all devices suitable for receiving TXT messages. However if you have a mobile device like an iPhone or Blackberry, since your device is capable of receiving larger messages, you should consider choosing summary messages instead.
  • Since our alert service is free, TXT messages are not sent directly via SMS as this would result in additional fees. They are sent as email messages to your service provider's gateway, and are then converted into SMS and sent to your phone. Most service providers offer this Email-to-TXT service and your phone's email address is usually phone_number@service_provider.com A list of common service provider addresses is available below. Some service providers may charge you extra fees for this Email-to-TXT service and for the SMS messages as well.

TXT messages are a great way to stay informed and aware of alerts through your mobile device when you are on the go. Contact our HelpDesk if you have any further questions about TXT Messages.

Service Provider Email Addresses

  • Bell Mobility   xxxxxxxxxx@txt.bellmobility.ca
  • Fido   xxxxxxxxxx@fido.ca
  • Koodo   xxxxxxxxxx@msg.koodomobile.com
  • MTS   xxxxxxxxxx@text.mtsmobility.com
  • President's Choice   xxxxxxxxxx@mobiletxt.ca
  • Rogers   xxxxxxxxxx@pcs.rogers.com
  • Sasktel   xxxxxxxxxx@sms.sasktel.com
  • Telus Mobility   xxxxxxxxxx@msg.telus.com
  • Virgin Mobile   xxxxxxxxxx@vmobile.ca
  • Freedom Mobile   xxxxxxxxxx@txt.freedommobile.ca More Info
  • Wind Mobile   see Freedom Mobile